i’m a sacrificial lamb, ready for slaughter for
all gods above’s desire.
my mother’s blood will flow into the water, letting new streams
poison the next generation.

peace lilies grow in shades of hanging rocks; they guide
weary travellers to river beds and child graves,
my tombstone is a rotten fruit, the maggots feast
every night on my corpse.

a sister is born from the same lap that extinguished hope
from child eyes mouth hands.
she’s the sun allowing soft leaves to curl under her
rays; she takes after her mother.

i have secrets buried under nail beds and skin too scarred
to breathe.
bastard child almost wrecked with mother in car crash, death
never leaves a soul untouched.

mouth guns and wine eyes flows from two families into
my blood; it nestles deep in alcoves.
i cut open arms and legs, letting blood paint what’s left
behind by violence not yet enacted.

keeping my mouth open with a stone taken from a pit of
cherries cooled from freezer burns.
i choke on juices born of summer heat; painting my chest
red with exhaustion and regret.

mother takes my hand and wipes off the excess, kitten licks
and ripping off skin
“never forget where you come from; my pain will be yours extended
to carry, to nurture and pass on”.